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Leonard lives and breathes design. Having honed his craft as a professional designer for more than a decade he made the leap founding his own design company, Design By Leonard, just over four years ago. Born in Malaysia and schooled in design in New Zealand, Leonard has cultivated a distinctive and bold aesthetic showcasing characteristic design elements of both places he has called home – marrying the vivid and vibrant colours typified in Malaysian Batik with the strong geometry that epitomizes Maori design.


Working alongside international clients, Leonard creates unique designs drawing strong inspiration from nature – capturing the beauty found in nature with an approachable sensibility but a keen attention to detail. Leonard’s designs can be found all over the world from throughout Asia-pacific to Central America and Scandinavia and has been the recipient of international design awards including Bronze at the Hong Kong Smart Design Awards.

Tell us one thing we should know about you.   My colleague said I am extremely fussy but I proudly call it “attention to detail”. I am forever learning to trust my gut feeling, keep calm and carry on.


What’s your life motto? Dreaming is believing! Be proud of who you are! What are you working on right now? I am currently working on a few exciting rebranding projects for clients while brainstorming in the wee hours to find that perfect new edgy way to dress and celebrate New Zealand’s identity.


What inspires you? Anything vibrant, eccentric and bold make me look twice! My inspiration comes from where I fix my eyes.


What’s your next goal? Becoming a textile designer and making it into fashion.


What keeps you going through the hard times? “Fight song” from Rachel Platten and inspiring documentaries.


Which one tool could you not live without? Pantone book, and nothing beats a good coffee at 2pm.

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